Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions operated by Co Cars UK Ltd for Co Bikes

TARIFF of additional charges

  1. Failure to return a bike in accordance with paragraph 8 of the General Terms and Conditions (to a station and within 24 hours of hiring): £25 recovering fee plus any associated expenses.
  2. Damage to the bike and/or docking station: a sum equal to the cost of replacement of parts charged by the supplier plus a sum equal to the time spent in effecting the repair multiplied by £20 per hour.
  3. Failure to pay any amount required to be paid pursuant to the General Terms and Conditions: a sum equal to 6% plus the base rate from time to time per annum, payable monthly until the amount required plus interest is paid.
  4. Failure to report an accident or damage to or theft of a bike within one hour of the occurrence: £50
  5. Parking or other traffic infringement fine: the amount of the fine.
  6. The administrative charge to be added to each of the above heads of damage: £25
  7. VAT will be added to all charges.

These general terms and conditions apply to the use of rental bikes provided by Co Cars Ltd trading as Co Bikes and operating in the United Kingdom. Our partner operators in other locations apply their own terms and conditions.

Paragraphs 1 – 8 of these terms and conditions define the rights and obligations for the use and rental of Co Bikes bicycles. Paragraphs 9 – 19 define the business relationship between Co Bikes and its customers.


1. Scope

1) Co Bikes, via its partner Nextbike, rents bicycles to registered customers.

2) Fully automated rental and return is by mobile app only.

3) Deviations from these terms and conditions must be agreed in writing by Co Bikes.


2. Registration and Confirmation

1) Registration is effected by mobile app, or through a partner operator.

2) Co Bikes has the right to accept or refuse any application at any time. Co Bikes is authorised to check the creditworthiness of the applicant.

3) Approval of the application occurs when Co Bikes notifies the applicant through the mobile app.

4) Upon registration, the customer is able to participate in many bike schemes worldwide. An overview of locations may be viewed at www.nextbike.co.uk. Rates vary according to location.

5) The registration process is free of charge for applicants, however valid debit or credit card details must be provided before rentals can be made. To verify the card, a £10 credit deposit will be taken which is non-refundable and can be redeemed against trips.

6) The customer will inform Co Bikes immediately of any changes to their personal information including in particular card details.


3. Terms and Conditions of Use

1) The rental bikes may not be used:

  • by persons less than 16 years old
  • to carry other persons including children
  • to transport flammable, explosive, toxic, dangerous or illegal materials
  • to participate in bicycle races or bicycle test events
  • to sub-rent to third parties
  • in strong wind or stormy weather
  • under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • where the bike has a mechanical defect
  • to cycle “hands free

2) The customer will obey all road and traffic safety laws and regulations.

3) It is strongly recommended that users wear appropriate safety equipment and a helmet whilst cycling.

4) Improper use of the bicycle basket is forbidden including overloading (maximum allowable load is 15kg). The customer is obliged to ensure that all transported goods and items are fastened and / or secured properly at all times.

5) Modifications or alterations to the bike are not allowed.

6) Should Co Bikes be made aware of unauthorised or improper use of the rental bike, Co Bikes is authorised to terminate the hire and block the customer from further rentals and usage.


4. Rental Limitations

Each customer may rent up to two bikes on one customer account at one given time.


5. Duration of Rental

1) The chargeable rental of a bike begins with the scanning of the QR code on the bike to be hired whereupon the bike will automatically unlock.

2) The rental of the bike ends when the bike is returned in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 8.

3) The hirer will inform customer service immediately in cases of problems at the time of rental or return. Untimely notification of such shall mean that any associated claims are invalid.


6. Bike Condition

1) The customer must make themselves familiar with the bike and the appropriate use of the rental bike before use.

2) The customer must check that the bike is in a roadworthy and safe condition before rental (in particular, but not limited to, screw and component fixings, frame condition, tyre pressure, brake system, lights and any impediment to the free turning of the wheels).

3) Should the customer find technical defects such as tyre damage, rim defects or gear shift failures at the beginning of, or at any point during, the rental period, he/she must immediately cease using the bike, notify customer service and end the rental of the bike immediately.


7. Parking of Rental Bikes

1) The bicycle must be parked in plain sight and safely, such that other vehicles and or traffic is not obstructed and that no damage is done to third parties or their property. The kickstand must be used whenever the bicycle is parked.

2) In particular, it is not permissible to park rental bikes at:

  • traffic lights
  • parking ticket machines or parking meters
  • traffic signs
  • walkways that are thereby reduced to a width of less than 1.5 metres
  • in front of, in, or near emergency exits or fire service zones
  • where the bike covers local advertisements

3) The rental bike must be locked when not in use, even if the customer leaves the bike unattended for only a short time. Failure to do so will incur a £25 fee.

4) The hirer shall be responsible for payment of any official fines incurred by him/her.

5) It is not permitted to park the bikes in buildings, backyards or vehicles.


8. Returning of Rental Bikes

1) The bike must be returned to an official station published online or on the app. To end the hire at a docked station, the bike must be pushed into the dock and the integrated frame lock locked. To end the hire at a dockless station, the bike must be left as close to the dockless station as possible, and the integrated frame lock locked. In both instances, if the frame lock is not locked, the hire will continue. Failure to use the frame lock will also incur a £25 charge.

2) The customer must verify the return with of the bike by refreshing the app.

3) The customer must provide information about the return of the bike to Co Bikes upon request.

4) The rental fee for any hire is immediately payable on successful return of the bike in accordance with the tariff published on the Co-bikes web site and/or in the app.


9. Liabilities

1) The customer uses the bikes provided by Co Bikes at their own risk. The customer takes full responsibility for damage caused by him/herself. The customer is solely responsible for any liability claims resulting from actions or events occurring during the rental period or as a result thereof. Claims made by Co Bikes’ liability insurer against a customer remain unaffected.

2) The customer accepts liability from the moment of scanning the QR code until successful return. The customer shall be liable for damage caused including any resulting from theft of the bike indefinitely. Co Bikes will seek to inform the customer of all damage caused by him/her as soon as practicable after discovery.

3) The customer accepts liability for all costs and damages that occur due to non-compliance with their obligations as defined in these General Terms and Conditions.

4) Co Bikes is liable for intentional damages and gross negligence towards their customers.

5) Co Bikes will be responsible to the extent of reasonable damages only for any failure of its obligations under these terms and conditions. Co Bikes is not liable for damages to items or personal property transported using the bicycle. In all other cases liability on the part of Co Bikes is expressly excluded, in particular Co Bikes shall not be liable in cases of improper and/or unauthorised use of the bicycle.


10. Procedures in Cases of Theft and Accidents

1) In case of an accident or theft of the bike, the customer must immediately report the accident and/or theft to both the police and Co Bikes and inform Co Bikes of the police report number.

2) Should the customer fail to inform Co Bikes immediately, the customer shall be liable for any damages sustained by Co Bikes.


11. Tracking

1) All bikes have integrated tracking devices. Tracking, user and hire information will be used for security purposes and to locate and identify bikes and any unauthorised use of them and to allocate responsibility for costs, damages, fines and other liabilities under these terms and conditions.

2) Any other use of tracking, user and hire information will be anonymised and protect the privacy of the customer.


12. Confidentiality of User Information

1) The customer is responsible for preventing unauthorised use of their personal data by third parties. This applies in particular to their PIN and/or password.

2) Co Bikes expressly states that Co Bikes employees are not authorised to and will never ask for the customer PIN or password.

3) The customer may change their personal data at any time and as often as he/she wants.

4) Should the customer have reason to believe that his/her user data has been misused, he/she must inform Co Bikes immediately.


13. Account Deactivation and Blocking

1) A customer may deactivate their user account at any time by calling the Co Bikes customer services.

2) Co Bikes is entitled, at their own discretion and in particular in cases of misuse, to terminate any rental and exclude customers from further using the Co Bikes services and bicycles.


14. Fees, Prices and Calculations

1) Co Bikes’ calculation of all fees and services shall be made on the basis of the prices valid at the beginning of each individual rental of a bicycle. Rental prices are available to view in the current price list published on its web site.

2) Without prejudice to any claim by Co Bikes in respect of any breach of these terms and conditions and any contractual or tortious liability, the Customer will be liable to pay one or more additional fees if any of the conditions or events specified in the tariff set out above shall apply to the Customer’s hire and use of a bike. Every such additional fee shall be increased by the amount of the administration fee and VAT as set out in that tariff.

3) Special rates are valid by pre-purchasing a BikeRider minutes bundle. These are also, in general, valid for and may only be used by the person to which they were specifically issued.

4) Corporate subscriptions are valid for 12 months and are otherwise subject to specified terms and conditions when taken out.


15. Payment and Delayed Payment

1) The customer must pay the all fees due by means of a credit or debit card registered through our partner Stripe at the time of registration. The customer may change their preferred card at any time.

2) If the customer defaults on a payment, Co Bikes shall be entitled to demand immediate payment of all amounts payable by the customer and discontinue the contractual services until the customer has satisfied all payments.


16. Billing, Renting Lists, Controlling of Rentals

1) A list of concluded rental processes (including costs and time periods) may be viewed by the customer in their account within the app.. This listing of all completed rental processes does not include items which are non-standard and cannot be included by the automated system, including amounts payable in accordance with the tariff referred to above.

2) Objections to debited charges must be submitted to Co Bikes within one week of receipt of the charge. Any refunds due will be credited to the customer’s account.


17. Termination

Both parties may terminate the contractual relationship at any time. The customer will send a cancellation request to [email protected].


18. Privacy Policy

1) Our Privacy Notice for website visitors and newsletter subscribers can be found here. Our Privacy Notice for Co Bikes customers can be found here

2) Card data for each customer will be transferred to Stripe for verification. Following the registration process, card data is no longer visible to employees of Co Bikes. Further information regarding the use, administration and processing of personal information may be viewed in our Privacy Policy.


19. Complaints Procedure

If you are not satisfied with our service, you can complain by e-mailing [email protected].  We will respond within 2 business days.

If you are not satisfied that your complaint has been resolved to your satisfaction you can contact CoMo UK who will act as arbiters in such an event.


20. Further Provisions

1) These terms and conditions and the use of the Co Bikes services are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.

2) Legal ineffectiveness of any part of these General Terms and Conditions does not affect the validity of the remainder of the document.

3) Should a provision of these terms and conditions be or become ineffective or unfeasible, the validity of the remainder of the document and its provisions shall remain unaffected. A regular and valid provision which has the aim and purpose of the law with similar context shall be adopted in place of the invalid provision.

Last updated: 29 April 2021