Top tips for safe cycling

Co Bikes outside Central Station Exeter
Here are our ten top tips on using Co Bikes for the first time
  1. Sign up: register and download the nextbike app, from Google Play or the App Store.  You’ll need to make an initial £10 payment which will go towards your first hire(s).
  2. Ready to go? Great! To unlock a bike and begin your hire, simply use the app to scan the QR code on the bike frame.
  3. Fancy a pitstop? No problem! Pause your journey by opening the app and select ‘PARK’, then press the lever down on the bike frame. Your bike is now safely parked and secure.
  4. Check that last step again by looking at your hire in the app to see if it says ‘PARKED’ – if the bike isn’t properly secured and gets stolen, the hirer is liable for replacement costs.
  5. Ready to go? Use the app again to end ‘PARK’ mode and unlock the bike.
  6. To return your bike and end the rental, check the bike securely back into a free dock at the Co Bikes station, making sure you’ve pressed the lever down to lock the bike frame and selected ‘END RENTAL’ in the app.
  7. We do recommend that you use a helmet during your hire, so please bring one with you if you have one.
  8. If you haven’t tried an electric bike before, give yourself time to get used to riding it in a quieter area as they are a little different to a traditional pedal bike (and more fun in our opinion).
  9. Co Bikes are fantastic for tackling hills: going uphill has never been easier….
  10. …. but be careful when going downhill: Co Bikes have a longer breaking and stopping distance, so give yourself plenty of time – and road – and make sure you are comfortable with using the brakes!

And finally, be prepared to get the Co Bike grin – electric bikes are great fun and highly addictive!

To rent, download the nextbike app