Tips for using the bikes

Tips for safer cycling:


● DO be aware of blind spots around large vehicles – it’s often safer to hang back

● DO watch out for other vehicles and pedestrians and show your intentions by always giving clear hand signals

● DO make yourself seen by wearing bright clothing in the day and reflective clothing or accessories at night

● DO consider wearing a helmet

● DO wait in front of other vehicles at traffic lights by using the advanced stop line for cyclists, if there is one


● DON’T ride through red traffic lights – you may be fined £50

● DON’T cycle on the pavement or the wrong way up one-way streets (unless clearly marked for cyclists)

● DON’T get too close to parked cars – beware of car doors opening suddenly

● DON’T use a mobile phone or earphones while cycling

● DON’T ride a bike when under the influence of alcohol or drugs

● DON’T cycle in the gutter – if the road is narrow, it may be safer to ride towards the middle of the lane to prevent dangerous overtaking

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