The pay as you ride tariff will automatically be applied to your account unless you pre-purchase a BikeRider minutes bundle. You can find BikeRiders in the nextbike app under under account settings / subscriptions (iOS) or wallet / buy tariff (Android). Select the BikeRider minutes bundle you want, click and book and you’re ready to go. Once your minutes are up, your hires automatically revert to our regular tariff unless you purchase another BikeRider. 

The nextbike app is free to download and register for an account. In order to verify the payment method, a £10 credit deposit will be made to the card associated with the account. This will be credited to the account to be redeemed against trips.

BikeRider terms and conditions 

We offer 3 BikeRider minutes bundle options that are available to buy for anyone who has an active Co Bikes / nextbike account. These are:

  • 120 costs £6 & is valid for a total of 120 minutes hire (equiv. 5p/min)
  • 300 costs £12 & is valid for a total of 300 minutes hire (equiv. 4p/min)
  • 600 costs £20 & is valid for a total of 600 minutes hire (equiv. 3p/min)

In addition, we also offer the following:

  • A Corporate BikeRider 900 minutes bundle. This is exclusively available to employees of registered companies. Find out more.
  1. You can only buy one of each bundle type in a 24 hour period. For example, if you buy a 120 bundle at 12.34 on a Monday, you would not be able to purchase another 120 bundle until 12.35 on the following day. This means that, if you use up all of your inclusive bundle minutes within the 24 hour period, you will either revert to our standard tariff or will need to buy an alternative bundle.
  2. However, if you do not use all of your inclusive bundle minutes within that 24 hour period, they are rolled over each day until such time they have been used.
  3. For all bundles, after inclusive minutes are used up, normal tariffs will resume.
  4. Minutes can be used at any time.
  5. BikeRider minutes bundles are only valid for hire of Co Bikes in Exeter and Falmouth.
  6. Only available to purchase via a Co Bikes customer account on the nextbike app.
  7. If you buy a BikeRider minutes bundle and subsequently hire two Co Bikes using the same account, the BikeRider minutes bundle will only be applied to the first bike hired.
  8. NB your hire continues when the Co Bike is within ‘PARK’ mode.

Multiple Rentals

You can rent up to 2 bikes at any one time. Any minutes bundles will only be applied to the first bike hired, normal tariffs will apply to the second.

For corporate membership enquiries, please contact us.

To rent, download the nextbike app