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Before you can rent a bike, you have to register once with your personal information. For your future rentals, our system will identify you with your customer card or phone number.

You can sign up here on this website, via app, at the on-street terminal, or by phoning 020 8166 9851.

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You can choose between Pay As You Ride or Annual Membership.

Payment is accepted with Visa or MasterCard credit card, debit card or direct debit.

How to book a bike

Safety check

How to Lock and Unlock our bikes


Start rental using any ONE of these options:

  • APP – follow the instructions on the app
  • Customer Card – place card on bike computer and enter PIN
  • Screen – follow the instructions on the terminal screen
  • Call – 020 8166 9851

Pull the bike out from the dock

Press the green electric battery button ON. This is located above the bike computer/underneath the seat

You will receive a text with the locking code for the bike

Enjoy your easy electric ride


Push the bike into any Co-bikes rack

Press the green electric battery button OFF

Wait for signal on rack to confirm a successful return and to avoid extra charges.

No confirmation sound or light?

Make sure the bike is firmly pushed in and locked.

Still no confirmation sound? Call 020 8166 9851

If there is no spare rack Call 020 8166 9851

Not Stopping Long?

If you want to temporarily park your bike without returning it (for example, to drop into a shop, cafe or meeting) here’s what to do:

Unhook the locking cable and put it through a solid object e.g. a bike rack.

Push the lock into the front wheel fork (ensure lock is engaged).

Press C to park your rental.

To resume your rental, enter your 4-digit code to release the lock

Unhook the locking cable and put back into the holder

Press the green electric battery button ON

Your rental time will continue whilst parked.


Please report any damage to stations or bicycles via ONE of these options:

  • Co-bikes app
  • Call 020 8166 9851

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