On Demand Electric Bike Hire in Exeter

Only £1 per 20 minutes

Rent, ride & return with the nextbike app

We are Co Bikes, Exeter’s on demand electric bike scheme.

Because our bikes are electrically assisted, they make cycling a breeze – even uphill!

Here’s how it works

1. Register

To use Co Bikes, register via the nextbikeapp. By joining, you will also be able to rent bikes in every nextbike city worldwide.

Search ‘nextbike‘ in your app store or use the QR code on the terminal to download.

2. Rental

Open the nextbike app and scan the QR code on the bike or enter the bike number. The lock will open automatically.

3. Parking

If you want to pause your journey, select ‘PARK’ in the app and lock the bike by pressing down the lever on the frame. Your rental will continue whilst the bike is in park mode. to continue your journey, select ‘OPEN LOCK’ in the app and the lock will open automatically.

4. Return

To end your rental, return the bike to any Co Bikes station. For docked stations, push the bike into a free dock, check it is secure and lock it by pressing down the lever on the frame. For dockless stations, make sure the bike is within the station zone and lock it by pressing down the lever on the frame. Refresh the app to confirm that your rental has ended.

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