Group rides terms & conditions

  • Co Cars will provide written confirmation of the group ride booking to include the following information:
    1. Contact information of lead hirer
    2. Date and times of ride
    3. Number of bikes
    4. Delivery / collection of bikes (if required)
    5. Total cost
  • On acceptance of the above, Co Cars to issue invoice which must be paid in full at least 7 days prior to the group ride taking place
  • The lead hirer agrees to the following conditions:
    1. That they accept full responsibility for the bikes during the group ride including ensuring all participants are aged 16+
    2. That they read, understand and abide by Co Bikes’ safe cycling conduct and general terms and conditions
    3. That they provide a contact list of all ride participants to include telephone numbers and email addresses
    4. That they do nothing to bring the company into disrepute during the ride
  • A minimum of 8 bikes and a maximum of 24 bikes can be hired per group ride event
  • Bikes can either be reserved and collected from a Co Bikes station (no charge) or delivered to / collected from a location within the Greater Exeter area (£20 + VAT per 8 bikes delivered / collected)
  • All rides must be completed with bikes either returned to the nearest docking station or collected by 7pm on the same day of the ride
  • If breaks are taken during the ride, bikes must be secured by using the framelock and ‘Park’ mode
  • Similarly, if the bikes are returned to the nearest docking station at the end of the ride, the lead hirer must ensure bikes are secured and the rentals ended by pushing down the frame lock. Failure to do will incur a £25 per bike left unsecured.

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