Customer account

Do I have to download the nextbike app to use Co Bikes?

Yes, the only way to use our Co Bikes is to register for a customer account via the nextbike app.

Does Co Bikes charge a registration fee?

Registration is via the nextbike app and is free of charge. However, to activate your account, valid credit or debit card details must be supplied and a credit deposit of £10 will be taken which will be redeemed against your trips. Once this has been received, your account will be automatically activated.

How can I cancel my account?

Please send your cancellation request to [email protected]. Please make sure you include your full name, address and the telephone number linked to your account.

Can I use two mobile numbers for one customer account?

Only one telephone number for each account is permitted.

Debits on my customer account

When will I be charged for my ride?

The fees for your ride will normally be charged to your card no later than 48 hours after your rental has finished.

Do I receive an invoice for my rides?

You can verify your rides in the nextbike app. Select ‘account settings’ then ‘rental history’. It is also possible for nextbike to issue an invoice to you upon request, please send a message to [email protected].

I have found an incorrect transaction on my account. What should I do?
Get in contact with the nextbike customer service team either by phone 01392 961 011 or e-mail [email protected].
I wanted to only use Co Bikes once. What about my remaining credit balance?

Nextbike will delete all your account details upon cancellation and it is possible for nextbike to transfer the outstanding amount back to you by request. Otherwise, the credit stays in your customer account and you can use it for future rides either with Co Bikes or nextbike schemes in other locations.

Rates and conditions

How much does it cost to use Co Bikes?

Bikes can be hire for £1 per 20 minutes. For hires between 8 and 24 hours, a day rate of £24 will be applied. You can also buy a daily, 1 or 4 week BikeRider ticket (£3.50, £10 and £30 respectively). For all other charges, please read our Terms & Conditions.

Can I pay a monthly or annual subscription instead?

No, if you use Co Bikes regularly, our BikeRiders are designed to offer substantial savings when compared to the cost of an annual subscription and associated tariffs. Check with your employer to see if you are entitled to a further discount on our 4 week BikeRider ticket.

How can I cancel my employee subscription?

If you want to cancel your employee subscription, get in contact with the nextbike customer service team either by phone 01392 961 011 or email [email protected]. The cancellation of the employee subscription does not imply automatic cancellation of your customer account. If you want to have your customer account deleted too, please also notify the nextbike team.

Rental system

How do I recognise official Co Bikes stations?

Our stations are easily identified by the ‘Co’ symbol, orange signage and bike docks. You can find all of our stations on our locations page and through the nextbike app. If you are in any doubt, please call the nextbike customer service team 01392 961 011

Is it possible to rent more than one bike at once?

It is possible to rent up to two bikes at once under a single account. However, if you have bought a subscription such as a daily, 1 or 4 week BikeRider, this will only be applied to the first bike hired with our standard tariff applying to the second.

Is it possible to rent a bike from another nextbike scheme, including abroad, using my UK account?

Your active nextbike registration makes it possible to rent bikes within all cities and countries with an existing nextbike bike-sharing system. Before renting, check for local prices and terms and conditions.

How can I lock the bike whilst I’m out and about?

If you want to pause your journey, first select ‘PARK’ in the app and then lock the bike by pressing down the lever on the frame. Your rental will continue whilst the bike is in park mode. To continue your journey, select ‘OPEN LOCK’ in the app and the lock will open automatically.

What should I do if the bike is damaged?

You are responsible for checking the bike for any possible damage before you start your journey. Please make sure you report any defects immediately so the bike can be removed and repaired as soon as possible. You can either use the app to report damage or call nextbike customer service on 01392 961 011 .

What should I do if I find a problem during the ride?

If you have already started your ride and discover a defect, please immediately stop your ride and call nextbike customer service on 01392 961 011 . The ride will be cancelled, the bike remotely locked and our repair team contacted. We are unable to credit you the fees for any time spent riding a bike with evident defects.


Do I have to rent and return my bike at the same station?

You can return your bike at any Co Bikes station in Exeter. You will only be able to end your hire by returning your bike to a Co Bikes station.

Can I rent my bike in one city and return it in another one?

Co Bikes can only be rented and returned within Exeter.

There is no free dock at the station I want to return my bike to. What should I do?

If all the bike docks are full at the station, lock and leave the bike immediately next to the station to end your hire. 

To rent, download the nextbike app